Sumit Kumar

Generalist software engineer, a technology enthusiast & Computer Science grad.

Career summary:

➔ 7+ yrs of work experience designing & developing RESTful web services (PHP, MySql, Memcached, Python, Java, Spring)
➔ Proficient in developing build scripts using Python, Ant, Maven, Shell script on Jenkins
➔ Hands-on experience on Jenkins for automating unit tests (PHPUnit), integration test (WebInject) & load test (Jmeter)
➔ Obtained proficiency in Telecom product development (Java, Hibernate, Spring, J2EE, PL-SQL, C, C++)
➔ Good exposure to developing & enhancing system side applications using C/C++ on Unix.

[Good familiarity with]:
PHP, PHPUnit, Java, JUnit, Python, PyUnit, MySQL, VoltDB, MongoDB, J2EE, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, XML-Web Services, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
[Currently working on]:
Spring, Java, RabbitMQ PHP, PHPUnit, Python, AWS, Docker, Splunk Hack - HHVM, MongoDB, Google App Engine, HTML5 (websockets), Jenkins, Android, Foundation

Personal Information

Date of birth
January 15th, 1985
2000 Canyon Woods Dr
Apt C
San Ramon, CA [94582]
001 (408) 621 7969


2016 - Now

Sr. Software Engineer @ Boku (CA, USA)

from Jan 2016 to present day

Spring, Java, MySql, Liquibase, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, SumoLogic

As a Sr. Software Engineer, my main responsibility is to design and implement RESTful API to connect merchants and mobile carriers using Java, Spring & Jersey.

→ Boku, Inc

2014 - 2016

Platform Engineer @ Zoosk (CA, USA)

from June 2014 to Dec 2015

Spring, Java, RabbitMQ, PHP, MySql, Jenkins, Ant, Apache, Nginx, Python, AWS, Docker, Splunk

As a Platform Engineer, the main responsibility is to monitor the performance of our servers and find/fix bugs that may degrade the performance. This also includes coming up with new ideas and giving POC with technologies that can help scale the servers and increase the throughtput. This includes maintaining & enhancing our REST web services, design & develop high through-put messaging system and automate many repetitive tasks through Jenkins.

→ Zoosk, Inc

2012 - 2014

Member of Technical Staff @ Pinger (CA, USA)

from June 2012 to June 2014

PHP, MySql, Jenkins, Ant, Apache, WebInject, Python, PHPUnit

As a member of the back-end team, I collaborate with team members to design develop and enhance product functionality by coding in PHP using best practices. This includes maintaining & enhancing our REST web services, design & develop scale-able MySql database schemas and high throughput memcache strategy. Being the primary developer of the automated builds and test suite I also maintain and enhance Jenkins nightly builds & testing framework which helps QA save time.

→ Pinger, Inc

2011 - 2012

Software Engineering Intern @ Pinger (CA, USA)

from June 2011 to June 2012

PHP, PHPUnit, Jenkins, Ant, Python, Java, VoltDB

I worked as an Intern at Pinger to automate their testing & nightly builds. I learned PHPUnit to write the unit tests for the existing PHP code and WebInject for running integration tests for web services. I automated the unit tests and integration tests through Jenkins. I also used Jenkins to create nightly builds for deployment. I also researched on new technologies like VoltDB that can be helpful for Pinger's growth.

2009 - 2010

Subject Matter Expert @ Amdocs (Pune, India)

from Dec 2009 to Jul 2010

Java, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, PL-SQL, HP Quality Center

Gained extensive knowledge of Operation Support System for the Telecommunication industry. Customized core product CRAMER/ASMS for telecommunication giant Rogers Canada. Applied working knowledge of Spring, EJB & PL/SQL to integrate Amdocs OMS-ASMS-APS. Employed interactive and strong communication skills to guide client into ideal software solution for the product CRAMER & ASMS.

2007 - 2009

Project Engineer @ Wipro Technologies (Pune, India)

from Dec 2007 to Dec 2009

Java, C, C++, SIP, VC++, InstallShield, IBM Rational ClearCase & ClearQuest

Impressed client by acquiring knowledge of unfamiliar product code base & effectively enhanced it. Gained extensive knowledge of developing telephony applications for Android. Developed telephony driver & phone firmware for Avaya IP phones. Enhanced & solved all the bugs for Avaya one-X Deskphone USB Companion Application. Received “BUG BUSTER” award for solving maximum no of bugs

Consulting Projects


Tropo Provisioning Python REST API

from Nov 2012 to Dec 2012

Python, REST API, Tropo API

Tropo is a powerful yet simple API that adds Voice and SMS support to the existing programming languages like Python. As a part of this project I created a Python wrapper for the Tropo rest API. This Python wrapper will be used in various internal/external Python projects at Tropo.

→ Tropo       → Github Project


Sacramento Heart website enhancements

from Aug 2012 to Oct 2012

PHP, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash

Enhanced aesthetics & usability of

→ Sacramento Heart

2010 - 2011

Downtown Yoga Shala website enhancements

from Aug 2010 to Jan 2011

Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash

Enhanced aesthetics & usability of

→ Downtown Yoga Shala

2008 - 2009

Site for encouraging critical thinking for Persian students

from Aug 2008 to Jul 2009

PHP, Python, MySql, Flash, HTML/JS/CSS

This website was made to educate people/students in Iran and other parts of the world about the importance of critical thinking. The main idea of the site came from a teacher from Iran who quickly learned the basics of web design and is currently maintainig this website.



2010 - 2012

San José State University (San Jose , CA)

from Aug 2010 to Jun 2012

Master of Science, Major: Computer Science

Courses taken
Object Oriented Analysis,   Information Security,  Algorithms,   Topics in Databse,   Topics in XML & Web,  Topics in Information Security 

2003 - 2007

College of Engineering Roorkee (Roorkee, India)

from Aug 2003 to Jun 2007

Bachelor of Technology, Major: Computer Science

Courses taken:
Object Oriented Analysis Information Security Analysis of Algorithms Data Structures Operating Systems Databse Management System Computer Networks TCP-IP



Very Good
Very Good
Very good

Technical Skills

PHP PHPUnit Java Python JavaEE Spring Hibernate HTML HTML5 CSS javaScript jQuery jQueryUI XML
Tools & Frameworks
Jenkins WebInject Ant VoltDB Android Google App Engine Eclipse PHP Storm Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver IBM Rational ClearCase & ClearQuest Install Shield HP Quality Center Xampp WebLogic JBoss Git SVN
Wordpress Drupal Joomla


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